Historic North Topeka
from the Shawnee County Historical Society

William Curtis (grandfather of Charles Curtis, who was born in North Topeka and went on to become Vice President of the United States under Hoover) and Louis Laurent laid out a town in 1865 that they called Eugene (possibly after a place in Indiana). Less than a year later–on New Years’ Day, what is now North Topeka welcomed the first train (Union Pacific) to town. The advent of the railroad assured that this area would for much of the 19th century be the industrial heart of the Kansas capital (excluding, of course, the mammoth AT&SF Shops across the river).

In April, 1867, southside Topeka annexed Eugene, the first such city expansion. At the time more evenly matched in population and economy, north and south played a tug-of-war for industry and commerce the remainder of the 1800s. In 1903, North Topeka suffered the devastating effects of a major flood. However, many fine buildings dating from that period remain, and when restored, will make North Topeka a showplace of Victorian-era commercial and residential architecture.

The North Topeka Business Alliance

Raising the Voice of Small Business in North Topeka! When North Topeka businesses join together, we can exercise tremendous clout with a bold new vision of how to compete economically. The North Topeka Business Alliance is a non-partisan, nonprofit, forward-looking advocacy organization dedicated to championing North Topeka businesses. The Alliance understands that an important way to stay competitive and ensure profitability is to invest in our business and our community. This means that as efforts are underway to grapple with the #1 issue facing North Topeka businesses you will have a place at the table! Empowering North Topeka!

North Topeka On The Move Association

The North Topeka On the Move Association, “NOTOMA”, was organized in 1995 and incorporated as a not for profit organization for the purpose of the restoration and revitalization of the entire North Topeka area.
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